The Leather City is well aware of pandemic Coronavirus Disease – CONVID19, that becomes a worldwide threat taking thousand of precious lives daily. This virus outbreak that has affected billions of people all across the globe, not only disrupted daily routines but also disrupted business and all walks of life globally. It is pandemic, and we are wisely making every possible measure to ensure this product and package safety.

“These Viruses cannot be Transmitted Through our Delivery Package/Leather Jackets”

Yes, you can not infected with this virus from our packages, it is impossible due to its life cycle that barely survive on card board more than 24 hours used for delivery boxes – and plastic,metal and any hard surfaces more than 72 hours. And these products come from online stores, it takes at least 7 days or, in some cases, 3 weeks to deliver packages to you.

“TheLeatherCity Takes Every Precaution to Prevent Transmission of This Disease”

Yes, We know our social responsibility to take each and every precaution – from providing our workers with all preventing items like; gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, liquid soaps to prevent them from any contraction of this virus.

For any further information related to the Coronavirus concerns, feel free to contact us at