Captain Marvel Jackets

All the Captain Marvel Jackets regardless of the superhero they belong to, exuberant moralistic vibe of their character along with courage, bravery and wisdom. These Avengers inspired jackets will take you to the zenith of fashion and make you stand out amongst the crowd.

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  • Carol Danvers Bomber JacketCarol Danvers Bomber Jacket
    $241 USD

    Main Features:
       * Movie: Captain Marvel
       * Worn By: Brie Larson
       * Material: Real Leather/Faux Leather
       * Inner: Polyester Lining
       * Front: Waist Belt
       * Closure: Zip Closure with Flap Buttons
       * Collar: Shirt Collar
       * Pockets: Two Side Flap Pockets & One Inside Pocket
       * Cuffs: Knit-Rib Cuffs
       * Color: Brown

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  • Carol Danvers Black JacketCarol Danvers Black Motorcycle Jacket - 32 % Off
    $172 USD

    Main Features:
       * External: Real or Cow Hide Leather
       * Internal: Polyester Lining
       * Closure: YYK Zipper Closure
       * Cuffs: Zippered Cuffs
       * Collar: Lapel Collar Style
       * Pockets: Four outside zippered Pockets
       * Color: Distressed Black

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  • Captain Marvel JacketCaptain Marvel Jacket - 37 % Off
    $122 USD

    Main Features:
       * Movie: Captain Marvel
       * Worn by: Brie Larson
       * External: Faux Leather
       * Internal: Viscose Lining
       * Closure: Zipper Closure
       * Collar: Erect Collar
       * Cuffs: Open Hem Cuffs
       * Pockets: Inside Pockets
       * Color: Red and Blue

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  • Captain Marvel Carol Danvers TracksuitCaptain Marvel Carol Danvers Tracksuit - 15 % Off
    $195 USD

    Main Features:
    * Movie: Captain Marvel 
    * Worn by:
    Carol Danvers
    * External:
    Cotton Fleece
    * Internal: Viscose Lining
    * Closure: YKK Zipper Closure
    * Collar: Stand Up Collar
    * Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs
    * Pockets: Two Side Waist and Two Inside Pockets
    * Color: Black with Yellow and Red

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  • Captain Marvel Carol Danvers JacketCaptain Marvel Carol Danvers Jacket - 17 % Off
    $140 USD

    Main Features:
       * Inspiration: Captain Marvel
       * Material: Faux Leather
       * Interior Lining: Viscose Lining
       * Closure: Front zipper for closing
       * Collar: Stand up collar
       * Cuffs Style: Open Buttoned Cuffs
       * Pockets: Two zipper pockets on side area
       * Color: Blue,Red & Yellow

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Based on one of the strongest female superhero comics in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Captain Marvel jacket possess the power to teleport you in the superhero world. Originally created by the late Stan Lee and Gene Colan, the Captain Marvel comics designed this masterpiece in the late1960s. Introducing the comic fans to the empowering character of Carol Susan Jane Danvers, a talented pilot in the United States Air Force, the Captain Marvel comics have over the years shown a very intriguing evolution of the character. As shown by the crucial part she plays in Marvel’s Avengers Endgame, it is evident that Captain Marvel possesses immense ability that is not just restricted to her physical strength, but also expands to the formation a mysterious “seventh sense”. Appearing in the X-Men comics as well, Captain Marvel’s character has appeared in various animated television series as well. Brilliantly fighting the forces of evil in the Marvel Universe, Carol Danvers has appeared in numerous animated films like Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors and Avengers Confidential: Black Widow and Punisher.

Bringing to you the Earth’s Mightiest Avenger, the extraordinary Captain Marvel, Brie Larson portrayed the character in the Captain Marvel debut movie, Captain Marvel released in February, 2019. Fighting her way through aliens and discovering her origins, Brie Larson is seen in some stunning leather jackets like the Captain Marvel Arena Jacket and the Captain Marvel Jacket. Being the only female superhero with a solo movie, Brie Larson’s portrayal is Captain Marvel not just allowed her to empower the character, but also gives the feminist fans a reason to celebrate. As creatively revealed in the numerous comics’ volumes, animated TV series, video games and movies, all characters in the Captain Marvel comics come with their own unique attire. Staying true to the origins and the depictions made in the movie, our forum is also offering jackets of other characters like Nick Fury, Yon-Rogg, Talos and Ronan from Captain Marvel. Finely stitched with the utmost precision, the Captain Marvel Jude Law Leather Jacket and the Captain Marvel Nick Fury Suede Leather Jacket are one of its kind. Similarly, the Captain Marvel Talos Leather Coat along with the Captain Marvel Ronan Trench Coat is the ultimate cosplay outfits, offering comfort, class and authenticity to the characters.

Sticking true to the origins of the comics and movies Captain Marvel appeared in; our website offers authentic leather, suede and cotton jackets worn by all the main and supporting characters in the movie. Designed according to the character’s personalities, these jackets are finely stitched with utmost precision. Providing not just a fashionable touch, but durability and comfort as well, jackets like the Captain Marvel Jacket, Carol Danvers Bomber Jacket, and Carol Danvers Black Motorcycle Jacket are a must have. Do browse through our rad collection and dress to impress like Captain Marvel herself.