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Known to be inspired by a fly climbing a wall, everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-man was created by Stan Lee in 1962. Drawn to show the fans that a superhero deals with villains both internally and externally, while dealing with family issues as well, Spider-man has been admired worldwide for his boy next door charm, humor and strength. Evolving not just as a superhero, but also in terms of his famous red and blue spidey costume, Spider-man is an epitome making peace with one’s troubles just to save the world from evil.

Over the years Marvel has introduced numerous versions of Spider-man through not just the comics, but also its animated TV shows, video games and other merchandise. What started with everyone’s favorite childhood Spider-man played by Tobey Maguire from 2002 to 2007, now the Marvel Cinematic Universe has truly transformed the essence of that classic Tobey Spider-man and transformed into the a character more similar to the one shown in the comics. Following Tobey’s amazing performance, Andrew Garfield took over as the next Spider-man and made some changes to the character’s outfit. As shown by our collection, we are offering the famous The Amazing Spider-man Peter Parker Jacket, which was worn by Andrew Garfield while fighting his nemesis. Fit for a fashionable evening or just a casual hangout, this leather jacket has been designed similar to the original. Possessing all the intricate details, we guarantee that our Spider-man leather jackets are crafted from authentic leather. Similarly, part of Peter Parker’s spidey suit in the Amazing Spider-man, The Amazing Spider-man Real Leather Jacket is all about durability, comfort and most of all authenticity to the garment’s origin itself.

Supporting his evil side in the Spider-man 3, where Tobey Maguire is seen rocking that black suit confidently, our collection also includes The Leather City Spider Man Jacket and the Venom Leather Jacket. Giving homage to Eddie Brock’s character as well in both Spider-man 3 and the latest Venom installment, which was played by Topher Grace and Tom Hardy, respectively, we want to cater to the likes of Venom fans as well. Crafted out of authentic leather and intricate designing, these leather jackets are both badass and edgy in itself.

If you are wondering that we are only showing the classic Spider-man leather jackets, then you stand corrected. Our online shopping store hasn’t forgotten about the new cuties, Tom Holland and Miles Morales. Showing a whole new side in these recent releases, the evolution of the Spider-man jackets narrates a story of their own. Be it the Spider-man Far From Home Spiderman Black Leather Jacket or the Into the Spider Verse Miles Jacket, all the leather jackets have been garnered with the utmost precision, while playing special attention to the tiniest details in the movies, comics or video games.

Offering quite a number of options for your cosplay events, we guarantee that you will come across Spider-man’s most outstanding leather jackets in our collection, which were worn in all of his movies. Not just designed to make you look like the charming friendly neighborhood Spider-man, our leather jackets are guaranteed to offer both luxury and sturdiness.

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XXS 34-35" 40" 25" 17.5" 25"
XS 36-37" 42" 25.5" 18" 25.5"
S 38-39" 44" 26" 18.5" 26"
M 40-41" 46" 26.5" 19" 26.5"
L 42-43" 48" 27" 19.5" 27"
XL 44-45" 50" 27" 20" 27"
2XL 46-47" 52" 27.5" 21" 28"
3XL 48-49" 54" 28" 21.5" 28.5"
4XL 50-51" 56" 28.5" 22" 29"
5XL 52-53" 58" 29" 22.5" 29.5"



XXS 29-30" 34" 29" 23.5" 14.5"
XS 31-32" 36" 31" 23.5" 15"
S 33-34" 38" 33" 24" 15.5"
M 35-36" 40" 35" 24.5" 16"
L 37-38" 42" 37" 25" 16.5"
XL 39-40" 44" 39" 25.5" 17"
2XL 41-42" 46" 41" 26" 17.5"
3XL 43-44" 48" 43" 26.5" 18"
4XL 45-45.5" 50" 45" 27" 18.5"
5XL 46-46.5" 52" 47" 27.5" 19"